About us

At Feel Basque Country we are a team of people passionate about our land and our aim is to offer unique experiences in the region, off the well beaten tracks, and to submerse you into our culture, tradition and character.

For this reason, in addition to having a private accommodation typical of the French Basque Country, we offer you the possibility of practicing yoga, surfing and getting to know Basque Country through one of our incredible private tours

Our main objective is to ensure that you live a unique experience, far from the most popular tourist attractions, 100% in contact with locals and the culture of this unique and magical area: The French Basque Country and its surroundings.


The environment

Biriatou is a typical Basque French town, on the banks of the Bidasoa river, at the beginning of the Pyrenees on the eastern side and close to the mountain Xoldokogana, cross point of the GR-10

Our village is characterised by its green meadows, its houses with Basque-French architecture, the church of San Martin or the gable, where one of its sides is the facade of a house and its windows play an important role in the game.

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 43.467905 | Longitude: -1.956783


You will not only enjoy the surroundings and do various activities, you will also get to know the Basque Country together with a local. We will ensure that the doors are opened to you first-hand, that you will get to know the traditions and culture of this region with a familiar and friendly service.

All this is guaranteed by the hand of


Passionate surfer (I surf for over 30 years) and yoga teacher, lover of nature, sport, gastronomy and the Basque Country

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